How do Loyalty Programs Work at Playtech Casinos?

There is no doubt that Playtech has primarily made its name in the market because of the quality games that it offers to the people. However, as the competition increased, only strong game play was not something that could earn Playtech domination in the online gambling industry, therefore, it had to improvise in order to retain the customers.

playtech casinoIn order to keep the players interested and returning, Playtech offers its VIP loyalty program to the customers. This program is specifically for the players who keep on returning to Playtech for their online games. Although this program is generally established by Playtech, however, there are various new casinos who might take the loyalty program differently, and at this site are casinos whose offers no deposit free spins. There are five levels of the VIP loyalty program offered by Playtech.


Each of the levels in the loyalty program comes with different kinds of benefits, rewards and bonuses. The progression in the levels is based in the comp points system, where ‘comp’ means complementary points that a player receives when playing frequently with Playtech casino. As the players keep on getting comp points their level keeps on increasing and they move on the next level with greater privileges and benefits.

Rewards and Benefits:

As discussed above, the provision of rewards and benefits may vary from online casino to online casino, however, generally following kinds of rewards and benefits are offered to players in Playtech loyalty program.

  • ersonal account manager is the best benefit you can get in Playtech loyalty program. This is most beneficial for players who play various games and require a special person for managing their account.
  • Special bonus offers is the other benefit you can get from Playtech loyalty program and enjoy different kinds of games and win big from them.
  • Tickets for tournaments and different events is the third kind of benefit you can enjoy from Playtech loyalty program.
  • Higher table limit and quick withdrawal are the other game related benefits you can enjoy by being in the Playtech loyalty program.

Therefore, join the Playtech loyalty program and enjoy the aforementioned benefits, the list of which keeps on increasing every day.