Pros and Cons of Three Reel Slots

When it comes to online gambling, one of the most commonly played game or the machine most commonly utilized is the slot machine. The slot machines are most commonly played because they do not require any kind of analytical or observatory skills, rather they one thing on which they depend upon is your luck.

Pertaining to slot machines there are the ones that come with three reels while there are the ones that come with five reel slots as well. Here at the website you can find many sites with the best slot games. The lines below will discuss safe casinos pros and cons of three reel slots for those who are fond of playing for the jackpot in the slot machines. Look at Spin and Win cash pyramid promo article at Lucksters online casino newsportal if you want to know online casinos newest promotions.

  • Pros:
  • The first major advantage of three reel slots is the fact that these slots allow you to play online one credit in one pay-line, which means that no matter how anxious you get with regards to betting high, you always have a limit and you cannot bid more than that in a three slot game.

    The second major benefit is that regardless of the fact that there is a random number generator there is still a slightly greater probability of hitting the jackpot compared to the five slot game. Therefore, if you think your luck is slightly in your favor then you must consider the three slot reel.

  • Cons:
  • The first major con of three slot reel is that because of the one credit per pay-line policy, it does not allow you to bet more and it is obvious that if you do not bet more you do not win more, therefore, for those who want to play big, three reel machine might not be a good option.

    The second con of three reel slot machine compared to five slot machine is that in the latter you can win on a lesser combination than five, therefore, with five reel you can keep on winning small amounts of reward if you do not hit big. Sadly, in three reel slots you have to hit the three reels to win.
    In short, the aforementioned are the safe casinos pros and cons of three reel slots.

Top History Themes New Netent Slots

During school age we learn so many stories from our teachers as well as from our parents about real heroes, adventures, courage and bravery. With the passage of time we get into our daily routine but the impact of those stories remain deep down in our mind and personality. Later on whenever we come across any similar game or situation, we remember the same story which was taught.

Below are some of the best known history themes that will surely throw you to the same imaginary world where you used to spend your school life while listening these tremendous stories.

  • Aztec Million’s
  • Aztech Million’s is one top representative game of history themed netent slots. The game is well equipped with the fonts and items that truly represent the ancient era which seeks the attraction of many casino players. One fine reason of player’s choice about this theme is the chance of real coins as reward which motivates them to play.

  • Caesar’s Empire
  • Caesar is one of the most popular character from Rome who is being portrayed today. History tells us that he had a short army but with his power and leadership qualities he conquered a large area of land which included many states. People who have heard about his tales usually are really motivated to play Caesar’s Empire slot game. It’s worth a try, maybe you are the next winner of his Empire.

  • Gladiators and Spartans
  • Name a movie that represented them and it wasn’t a big blockbuster, Gladiator and 300 are among the finest examples. The way people like to watch these movies similarly they like to play games of this theme as well.

  • Boy King’s Treasure
  • He was a young Egyptian head of state who got buried with his all wealth. His tales still amuse the kids of today’s world which is why people are still in search of his treasure and play Treasure Jackpots and Bonus Rounds for big money.

  • Wild West
  • Wild West is a best representative of classic Westerns style. The theme contains wild cowboy pictorial life which attract the players the most. Even people of older age who have spent their life in that era also opt to play this theme.